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Old Chicago Brick

Brick pavers come in many different colors. The different shapes are also adding up to various exciting design themes that we can create for your home commercial property. The shapes of brick paving material are square, parallelogram, herringbone, random etc… which allow for a highly customized look and feel. In terms of strength and durability, our brick pavers are capable of withstanding a tremendously high level of loading and it is fitted to various kinds of applications like vehicle driveway that access around municipal, residential and commercial construction projects, and pedestrian walkways. Our Brick Paver Wholesale Pricing System for South Florida is very affordable and you can choose from many different patterns of brick pavers, colors and designs. Our brick pavers maintain its interlocking form much better as compared to the concrete that you have to pour in place when the underlying material and earth move, clay brick paving is adjusting itself in order to accommodate underlying soil movement and thereby, preventing the pavement system from cracking. Moreover, it provides an easy recycle and repair solution. If they would become stained or damaged, you will only have to lift off the damaged paver and then, replace with a new one. It is just like replacing one piece or part of the jigsaw puzzle. Therefore, the replacement and maintenance cost overall is essentially lower as compared to other forms of paving materials, for instance asphalt, adding to our lower offers of Brick Pavers at wholesale prices for South Florida.