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Cricket Pavers is your best source of wholesale paving supplies from a variety of travertine pavers and brick pavers in the South Florida market, serving Miami, Broward, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale, & distributing internationally. We also offer paver installation services across South Florida’s tri-county area so that you can assure to have experienced paver installers that will install the brick pavers or travertine pavers of your choice. Our own paving contractors experts install pavers with quality specifications. We have enough experience and tools for completing your paver project in a professional and timely manner, as we aim to provide you with quality and impressive finished product. We want to help you in increasing the value of your home and make your home become more attractive. Whether you are a Do It Yourselfer or Contracting Company, we have the wholesale prices you need and the installation team that can lay down your wholesale priced pavers!

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Patio pavers that tackle all kinds of paving projects

Including pool decks, fire pits, driveways, patios, walkways, retaining walls and some other customized outdoor projects. Our staff has enough experience and they are all hands-on with paver installation services in South Florida. We hired only insured and licensed staff so that you can feel secure, safe and confident with our workmanship. Our mission is to provide you with high quality and beautiful patio pavers for a reasonable price. Our goal is to be able to exceed your expectations so we can enhance your living experience outdoor.

Travertine pavers are beautiful because every stone looks different. You will be able to have a customized paver deck, which no one else can have since that color variation in every product is so subtle and different. We also pick travertine pavers as one of our primary products because we want to provide you quality work, and to provide you with all the benefits that you can get such as its discoloration resistance, keeping your feet cold during summer season and easy maintenance. Furthermore, we bring our great offer of travertine pavers as wholesale pricing to the South Florida market.

Other than the great travertine pavers, we also offer brick pavers as one of our main products for it comes in large variety of colors, shapes and finishes that will complement your home’s architectural style. Brick pavers give you a uniform and clean look. We can help you in designing patios and provide it with multiple patterns, random patterns, squares, circles and many more. We have all the options to suit your style. Our great wholesale deals for brick pavers makes it more affordable, as brick pavers are already lower in price as compared to any other pavers.

Our pavers are able to transform any driveway, patio, decking, or swimming pool into exceptional signature form of natural elegance. As we provide offers like brick and travertine pavers wholesale prices to South Florida, we are distributing high quality travertine and brick pavers in exterior applications. Our sales team is knowledgeable in delivery, production and installation of these pavers because we care about our customers and we understand that you have been seeking the best value that you can purchase. Contact us for more details and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

Pavers South Florida

Natural stone, concrete, and brick pavers are typically used in creating your outdoor space more beautiful. A rapidly increasing sector of commercial and residential property owners use pavers in constructing pathways, patio spaces, pool decks and driveways. We are offering a variety of Paver Installation Services in South Florida for different applications. You can choose from our various paver designs and materials that we provide.

Paver Design

When we design and perform paver installation, we know exactly how essential it is to consider the look of every paver no matter if it is a path, patio or a driveway. When creating and planning the overall design, we consider the following:

Spacing – Rather than using interlocking pavers, many of our previous customers and homeowners have selected having individual pavers set with the grass that grows around them or in the rocks.

Pattern – Would you want your patio or driveway to have discrete border? Would you want a combination of multiple patterns or only one? Would you prefer to have the pavers lined up offset or side-by-side? Our paver installers here in South Florida go over every possibility during the consultation of your desired design.
Shape – Will the driveway or patio have lines that are more angular or a curved shape? This will be based on the area wherein we will build the pavers and your personal preferences.

Furthermore, for the design’s overall look, we consider the texture, colors, and shape and size for its set of physical characteristics for each paver. We can incorporate your design with one color, or border color and a base color. You can also select from the textured or smooth surfaces. The shape and size of the pavers must complement the space as well as the overall design. Overall, when you are choosing the pavers that are suited for your home, we can help you with the consideration of the pavers that you want to use. Some of the pavers are perfect for edging and borders that are not getting lots of traffic, whereas others can support greater amount of weight, thus they are able to accommodate pedestrians and vehicles. Feel free to talk to us to determine which pavers are perfect for your property, and to know more details about Brick Pavers and Travertine Wholesale prices in South Florida. We service Miami, Broward, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale!

Paver Materials

Brick – Brick paver is the classic selection for property owners. As compared to asphalt and concrete, these are less prone to crack. As much as the cost is concerned, these pavers are priced moderately compared to many other paver alternatives in the market.

Concrete – The concrete pavers comes with large range of textures, sizes and colors, and we priced it moderately. A series of the interlocking pavers is making it easy to produce a design that meets ever-changing needs. Moreover, we provide pavers that offer aesthetic details which cannot be obtained by using concrete slabs.

Natural Stone – You can choose from the different natural stone pavers such as flagstone, Travertine, Coral, Marble and Granite. The cost of these stone can be higher as compared to other paver materials; however, it will provide your patio, driveways or sidewalk a more attractive alternative with competitive pricing in mind.

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